Nobody, no person nor authority nor majority, has a right to impose their will on you. This is a basic human right. People are most happy and productive when they are free. But what does freedom mean? Personal freedom is the right to live your life as you choose, making your own decisions, managing and disposing of your own property, without interference from anyone else.

Government should be restricted to supporting and enforcing these freedoms through common sense legislation, and very little of it. But government has become something entirely different. Government and politics have become a contest between two corrupt political parties as to who gets to control your life, and in what way. It’s time for that tyrannical, exploitive system to end.

As your Senator, Phil will fight to eliminate every government program that infringes on your basic human right to privacy. You are free to live your life, and others to live theirs, as long as you don’t infringe on each other. Period.

As your Senator, Phil will propose legislation to protect your right to rule your own body. You HAVE the right to live freely. Phil Anderson believes that the government does NOT have the right to infringe on that. You are free to consume or ingest whatever you want, as long as you don’t create an obligation for someone else. As your Senator, Phil will fight for your right to make your own decisions, ingest what you choose, love whom you choose, organize your labor if you choose, and as long as you don’t infringe on others’ right to do the same.

Your right to live your life as you choose, free from harm and abuse, is only as good as your ability to defend it. As your Senator, Phil will consistently support and participate in your right to bear arms.

The Internet has changed the world, generally for the better, and has done so largely without interference from the government. The internet and related technologies are platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship for people of all economic classes. As the free market works through the internet, access becomes more widespread, devices become cheaper, and more and more people can leverage their talent and experience toward sustainable prosperity.

Phil Anderson will fight for the internet to remain unregulated. For prosperity, and for privacy, an cyberspace that is free of government regulation, intervention and cronyism is essential. For privacy, a secure, freely travelled cyberspace is a right. Phil will fight against any sort of government ‘kill switch’, against government requests for access to anyone’s personal data or communications, and FOR the free movement of any information, currency, and organizations across national borders.

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