Cannabis Legalization

It is my firm belief, and position, that cannabis must be legal for any purpose a person sees fit. There could be no greater benefit for public health, racial disparities in education, criminal justice reform, safety and integrity of law enforcement, the economy, the state budget, and so many other facets of our lives, than legalizing cannabis in Wisconsin.

Imagine a medicine you can grow, not under the control of big pharma, non-addictive and with few if any side effects.

Imagine law enforcement NOT having to enforce a law that harms nobody, and that has a disproportionate effect on already vulnerable communities.

Imagine jails less full, more parents home with their families, supporting their families, paying taxes instead of costing taxpayers.

Imagine kids doing better in school, because home life is more stable, and imagine them needing fewer interventions, fewer visits with social workers, fewer run-ins with teachers, better grades, better prospects for a brighter future.

Imagine more taxpayers, and fewer people needing tax dollars spent on them.

Imagine being free to use and enjoy a plant, that people have been enjoying and using for thousands of years. 

Imagine being free.

The people of Wisconsin overwhelming want legalization, and for good reason. Clearly, the Democratic Party has no real interest in accomplishing this, despite their occasional lip service to placate certain voting blocs they believe they own.


Governor Evers has failed to do justice. My opponent has failed to make any noise about it. It's time for change.


Imagine your state representative having the fortitude to stand up for justice, rather than simply follow the cowardly party line.


I'm your Huckleberry.  


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