Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! 

Today is a day, more than any other, to examine what the Declaration meant in 1776, to those who signed it; and today, for those who adhere to it. We, as a nation, are especially challenged in 2020 to define and live by what it means to be independent, and to understand and respect the independence of others.

It's actually pretty simple, despite the Constitution's valiant attempt at enshrining the concept in our government, and the mountain of case law since.

We, the people, being free, have the right to lives our lives as we choose, so long and as far as we do not interfere with others' right to do the same. 

We have chosen to delegate certain aspects of our rights to the democratic process, while others are retained and enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

It's that simple. Understood in it's simplest, most unadulterated form, this principle mandates that ALL people be treated equally under the law, that governments and their agencies do NOT have the authority to use force against us unless there is a crime WITH A VICTIM, and that when the government oversteps or fails us, we have the right to dissolve or if necessary, overthrow it.

I am not calling for any violence. The way to overthrow this government is to vote it out of office, which can be easily done if enough people care to vote accordingly. 

I offer myself as candidate for Wisconsin Assembly, 47th District. I am a libertarian, running as a Republican. A vote for me is a vote for that freedom I described above. I ask for your vote, to help me change the corrupt hyper-partisan system that has evolved because of too-powerful government.

Let's step back, today of all days, and examine what we truly believe in, rediscovering and reasserting our rights as exercise on this day 244 years ago, and UNITING AS INDIVIDUALS who understand that people have rights, not governments, not parties, not majorities. 

The signers risked their lives, and their families' lives, in asserting their freedom. What are you willing to risk?

Let's take back what's ours.  


Phil Anderson

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