Ignorance is not bliss, Tony and Jimmy!

Tony Evers and Jimmy Anderson either don't understand how small businesses work, or they don't care.

Which is it, by golly?

Closing businesses wreaks havoc on families who depend on these businesses, and their suppliers, etc., to survive. The HEALTH AND WELFARE of these families are threatened, and Tony has been especially inept and managing his administration's delivery of relief to suffering families.

Covid is a serious issue, that requires courageous leadership and a balanced approach. Tony and Jimmy have shown neither.


Take Back Our Communities- #WalkAway from Violence

For Immediate Release: September 28th, 2020

Contact: Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson for Assembly

Phone:  608-481-2010

Email:    [email protected]



Take Back Our Communities: #WalkAway from Violence


in conjunction with the National #WalkAway #UNSILENT MAJORITY MARCH on Washington D.C.



Madison, WI, September 28th, 2020 -


A group of candidates and activists will be holding a rally on Saturday October 3rd, on the Capitol steps, to ‘Take Back our Communities’. The goal of the rally is to empower and give a voice to residents and business owners who are frustrated with the lack of leadership and attention to public safety, by local and state government, in response to the violence and destruction accompanying the recent protests against racism.


“We speak out on behalf of those who are afraid, and who have been intimidated by the violence and destruction in Madison, Kenosha, and across the Midwest,” states rally spokesperson Phil Anderson. “We all acknowledge the problem, and of course, the Constitutionally guaranteed right to protest. But we along with most people expect government to help keep the peace, and to calmly lead toward solutions- not fan the flames of anger, then idly sit by and allow homes, businesses, and lives to be destroyed”.


The group includes Congressional candidate Peter Theron, #WalkAway activist Heidi Frisch, State Senate candidate Scott Barker, and 7 State Assembly candidates. Speakers will begin at noon, at the King Street entrance of the State Capitol, and end with a #WalkAway march. The #WalkAway movement is marching on Washington DC on the same day, October 3rd.


“We welcome everyone to join us, and hear our message of peace and leadership,” continues Anderson. “This is not a partisan event about a partisan issue. This rally is about demanding more leadership and responsiveness from our government. We all deserve at least that much from our government, regardless of party affiliation.”




by Dane County Candidates and Activists

Saturday, October 3rd, 12pm-1pm

Wisconsin State Capitol, King St. Entrance

Elected officials, stop avoiding responsibility!

Public Health Madison and Dane County have done a huge injustice to this school, and others like it.
They sent Lighthouse Christian School this letter six days before the school even opened to start classes.
It's time we put an end to elected officials delegating authority to mostly, and usually, unelected boards and officials.
This is a problem especially when the unelected board crosses a line. The elected officials generally just throw up their hands as if they're unable to change things, or they ignore the public.
Hold your elected officials accountable, AT THE POLLS.
They don't care if you make a fuss IF you still go back and vote for them.
As your representative to the State Assembly, I'll fight to end this undemocratic abandonment of responsibility.
Vote for the challenger on the ballot.


For Immediate Release: September 21st, 2020

Contact: Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson for Assembly

Phone:  608-481-2010

Email:    [email protected]





Fitchburg, WI, September 21st, 2020 -


In his 2018 campaign for Governor of Wisconsin, Phil Anderson challenged the Wisconsin Ethics Commission by accepting bitcoin donations. In 2020, Anderson’s campaign for State Assembly is accepting cryptocurrency donations again, despite the WEC’s failure to arrive at a decision in 2018.

“Cryptocurrency is money, and as such, is a legitimate way to make campaign donations,” says Anderson. “The WEC declined to interpret its own rules competently, and the Wisconsin Assembly refused to take up the issue.”

Many other campaigns nationally, including Senator Rand Paul, have accepted donations in cryptocurrency. Federal Elections Commission rules allow cryptocurrency donations, but many states have not caught up.

Anderson is using BitPay’s donation platform, which, like other donation platforms, can require the donor submit the contact information necessary to conform with state regulations. Cryptocurrency donations are converted to dollars and deposited directly into the bank account registered with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission.

A study published in January 2018 by the Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance, a program at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Elliptic, a cryptocurrency analyst, found less than 1 percent of all transactions entering conversion services worldwide were linked to illicit activities, including money laundering and online extortion. And experts at the forefront of this financial technology argue that bitcoin could actually bring more transparency to the democratic process by offering new, unhackable tools to track money in politics.

“I refuse to give in to ignorance and bureaucratic incompetence,” continues Anderson. “People have the choice as to how they contribute, and it’s my intention to honor those choices. If my opponent or the Ethics Commission are interested in challenging me, I’m ready for a fight.”

Phil Anderson is a candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly, District 47. Phil is a real estate broker, entrepreneur, business owner, and US Army Veteran. He resides in Fitchburg, WI.  www.4PhilAnderson.org

Speech at Pints and Politics- 9/1/2020

Wisconsin Eye Interview

On September 3, 2020 political news website Wisconsin Eye interviewed me about my campaign for the Wisconsin 47th Assembly District covering Monona, McFarland, Fitchburg,  and the Towns of Madison, Dunn, and Blooming Grove.

Please ask me your questions, and I will respond to them on the Free People Show.

Campaign 2020 Phil Anderson (R) Fitchburg 47th Assembly District candidate


Criminal Justice Reform

We must not allow ourselves to miss this moment and again ignore the calls for reforms and equality in our system of justice.  We must have the courage and resolve to analyze the inequities and seek direct resolution to the wrongs of the past.

It is also imperative that we acknowledge the massive costs of the current system. The Department of Corrections budget has increased by almost 50% in the last 15 years, under both Democratic and Republican Governors. Add that to the massive costs and stress that breaking up families incurs on other social services, especially schools.  Wisconsin taxpayers are footing a huge bill for a system that is racist and unjust.

Here is my six point plan to restore justice to the criminal justice system in Wisconsin.

First of all, we must end the War on Drugs in Wisconsin, starting with legalizing recreational marijuana. We must also treat drug addiction as a medical problem and move users into treatment programs and out of jails, if they are not guilty of violent crimes.

We must end cash bail. Ending cash bail is not about getting soft on crime, but rather the opposite. It's about judges being accountable as to who they allow to leave custody, and how, while at the same time eliminating the financial discrimination of poor people that results from being stuck in jail, while a person of means in a similar situation is allowed to walk free.

We must roll back mandatory minimum sentencing laws, so that judges are free to determine the just sentence for a particular situation.

We must not block juries from being aware of jury nullification. Juries do have the right to return a verdict of not guilty, not based on evidence, but based on an unjust law. Current practice in Wisconsin forbids juries from being informed of their right to nullify, and I will fight to end this injustice, so that juries can do the right thing in response to unjust laws.

I will pressure the Governor to reconvene the Pardon Advisory Board, with a commitment to being more aggressive, and begin pardoning those incarcerated for victimless crimes. I will also support and promote expungement of criminal records of those only guilty of victimless crimes.

We must also honor and consider basic voting rights for all Wisconsinites. Convicted felons, once out of jail but still on paper, are prohibited from voting in Wisconsin. The punishment does not fit the crime. Everyone of legal age and residency should be free, and indeed encouraged, to vote, unless they are guilty of voter fraud, or a similar crime. Your vote is your voice, and we must not silence people's political voices unjustly.

None of us are truly free until we are all free, and it is my intent as your representative to fight for a system that treats those most historically oppressed and incarcerated the same as everyone else, with justice and parity for all.

Our Kids! Our Schools!

Late on Friday, August 21st, Public Health Madison/Dane County issued Emergency Order #9, closing private schools for in-person learning for grades 3-12, effective August 24th. Despite having worked with private school leaders to achieve standards and rules that would allow them to open safely, the board, composed of 6 unelected community members, 1 County Board member, and 1 Madison Common Council member, unilaterally pulled the plug on thousands of children and families, without notice, at a day and time to avoid accountability. 

This is NOT what democracy looks like, and it's NOT what good government looks like. 

People have the right to decide how and where to educate their children. Understanding the unusual circumstances that the Covid pandemic has created, to that point, everyone had been working together toward a solution; but in the end, the public health board showed that they don't care about the children, nor their parents.

The board ignores the fact that confining children at home ALSO creates health and safety risks to children and adults, including increases in domestic violence, drug overdoses, and mental health issues.    

The board ignores the fact that children of all socioeconomic categories have and will fall farther behind.

The board ignores the fact that, much like public schools, children in vulnerable family and/or economic situations, those children whose needs are most emergent and acute, will suffer the most.

There is an old saying: you might not be interested in politics, but politics has an interest in YOU. Thousands of families in Dane County are now feeling the influence of bad-faith politics, and are beginning to rise up, in defense of freedom, good government, and their children.

I'm with you, now and forever, friends. As a father of kids who attended private and public schools, as a board member of a charter school program, and as a resident of Fitchburg, I too am disappointed and offended at the way this mostly unelected board is doing its business. 

But unlike many families suffering because of this latest government overreach, I'm not surprised.    

If elected to the State Assembly, by my neighbors in Fitchburg, McFarland, Monona, Blooming Grove and Dunn, I will fight to pass legislation that prevents this sort of governmental abuse from happening again.   

Police Reform: Here's How...

A peaceful society is a society of laws. Peace does not prevail if laws change too easily, at the whim of an executive, or a majority. The founders of this country wrote the Constitution for this purpose- so that certain principles and ideas that maximize human flourishing and prosperity would not be overwhelmed by reckless executives nor pandering legislators. The laws that do exist require a law enforcement presence to keep the peace, but in a truly Constitutional society, those laws would be relatively uncontroversial, and dare I say, supported by most.

Today's reality, however, is that pandering legislators and reckless execs have led our country astray. We have laws on the books that shouldn't exist- that run roughshod over human rights and violate the sanctity of people's lives, families, and households. Many laws pick winners and losers, favor one group over another, and thereby create strife rather peace, injustice rather than justice. In this society, being a law enforcement officer is difficult, and the profession of law enforcement, like others such as teachers and clergy, tends to draw more than its share of people who are there for the wrong reason- to exert control over others.

We have arrived at a crossroads regarding the role of police in America, and the knee-jerk demonization vs. unconditional lionization of the police is not helpful. I propose the following reforms which, alongside my proposals for criminal justice reform, will help us reconstruct a happy, prosperous society, with equality under the law for all, and peace in our streets.

1) End the racist war on cannabis. The evidence is clear that this 'war' was racist in intent and result. Ending this fiasco will enable police to concentrate on violent crime, and crime with victims, rather than be instruments in a culture war.

2) End no-knock raids and qualified immunity. No-knock raids are unconstitutional, and create an environment where innocent victims, alleged criminals, and police officers are more likely to be shot and killed. If police officers or departments stray from what is constitutional or legal boundaries, they should suffer the consequences, and not be protected from true justice. 

3) Increase pay and training requirements for police officers.  Police play a vital role in keeping the peace, and apprehending criminals. They carry weapons, and have special permissions regarding the use of deadly force. Police should be paid and treated as professionals, with at least the same level of standards and ongoing testing with which we license doctors and lawyers.

4) Policing should be a profession. Initial standards, ongoing training, and something like malpractice insurance, will help support police departments and municipalities to work together, without the political influence of the police union. A statewide board could be created, composed of former law enforcement officers and other professionals to facilitate a process to vet and provide ongoing evaluation of standards and practices.

With these reforms in place, I believe we can get back to the proper role of police- that is, protection of residents and property, and enforcement of laws that support that protection. Law enforcement will have a healthier relationship with the public, and a proper relationship with government.   

Cannabis Legalization

It is my firm belief, and position, that cannabis must be legal for any purpose a person sees fit. There could be no greater benefit for public health, racial disparities in education, criminal justice reform, safety and integrity of law enforcement, the economy, the state budget, and so many other facets of our lives, than legalizing cannabis in Wisconsin.

Imagine a medicine you can grow, not under the control of big pharma, non-addictive and with few if any side effects.

Imagine law enforcement NOT having to enforce a law that harms nobody, and that has a disproportionate effect on already vulnerable communities.

Imagine jails less full, more parents home with their families, supporting their families, paying taxes instead of costing taxpayers.

Imagine kids doing better in school, because home life is more stable, and imagine them needing fewer interventions, fewer visits with social workers, fewer run-ins with teachers, better grades, better prospects for a brighter future.

Imagine more taxpayers, and fewer people needing tax dollars spent on them.

Imagine being free to use and enjoy a plant, that people have been enjoying and using for thousands of years. 

Imagine being free.

The people of Wisconsin overwhelming want legalization, and for good reason. Clearly, the Democratic Party has no real interest in accomplishing this, despite their occasional lip service to placate certain voting blocs they believe they own.


Governor Evers has failed to do justice. My opponent has failed to make any noise about it. It's time for change.


Imagine your state representative having the fortitude to stand up for justice, rather than simply follow the cowardly party line.


I'm your Huckleberry.