Our Kids! Our Schools!

Late on Friday, August 21st, Public Health Madison/Dane County issued Emergency Order #9, closing private schools for in-person learning for grades 3-12, effective August 24th. Despite having worked with private school leaders to achieve standards and rules that would allow them to open safely, the board, composed of 6 unelected community members, 1 County Board member, and 1 Madison Common Council member, unilaterally pulled the plug on thousands of children and families, without notice, at a day and time to avoid accountability. 

This is NOT what democracy looks like, and it's NOT what good government looks like. 

People have the right to decide how and where to educate their children. Understanding the unusual circumstances that the Covid pandemic has created, to that point, everyone had been working together toward a solution; but in the end, the public health board showed that they don't care about the children, nor their parents.

The board ignores the fact that confining children at home ALSO creates health and safety risks to children and adults, including increases in domestic violence, drug overdoses, and mental health issues.    

The board ignores the fact that children of all socioeconomic categories have and will fall farther behind.

The board ignores the fact that, much like public schools, children in vulnerable family and/or economic situations, those children whose needs are most emergent and acute, will suffer the most.

There is an old saying: you might not be interested in politics, but politics has an interest in YOU. Thousands of families in Dane County are now feeling the influence of bad-faith politics, and are beginning to rise up, in defense of freedom, good government, and their children.

I'm with you, now and forever, friends. As a father of kids who attended private and public schools, as a board member of a charter school program, and as a resident of Fitchburg, I too am disappointed and offended at the way this mostly unelected board is doing its business. 

But unlike many families suffering because of this latest government overreach, I'm not surprised.    

If elected to the State Assembly, by my neighbors in Fitchburg, McFarland, Monona, Blooming Grove and Dunn, I will fight to pass legislation that prevents this sort of governmental abuse from happening again.   

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  • Phillip Anderson
    published this page in News and Views 2020-08-23 22:18:07 -0500